Episode 6x13
"The Last Recruit"

Original air date: April 20, 2010

Flash Sideways: Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Sayid, Jack, Jin & Sun

Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland

Directed by: Stephen Semel

Guest Starring: Andrea Gabriel as Nadia, Kimberly Joseph as Cindy Chandler, Sheila Kelley as Zoe, Dylan Minnette as David Shephard

LOST Filming Location  
Jack talks to Locke Unknown. Most likely near Kawela Bay Banyan
Locke and Sun arrive at Hospital Unknown: Either Hawaii Medical Center East or Rehabilitation Center of the Pacific
Locke's Camp Kawela Bay Banyan Tree
Sawyer interviews Kate Hawaii Film Studio. This set was created because Walter Murray Gibson Building was Occupied. (LOST Video Podcast)
Desmond runs into Claire Pauahi Tower
Desmond introduces Claire to Illana Pauahi Tower
Sayid comes to Well to kill Desmond Cylinder set built at Hawaii Film Studio
Miles comes to Nadia's house to find Sayid Waiohinu St. (Kahala Residence)
Sawyer captures Sayid at Nadia's Waiohinu St. (Kahala Residence)
Sawyer and Kate swim to the Elizabeth Beach near Ko Olina
Jack ditches Locke He'eia Kea
Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Sun meet at dock Coconut Island Dock
Illana introduces Jack and David to Claire Pauahi Tower
Losties sail to Hydra Island Waters off either, Makaha or Kaneohe Bay
Jack comes to do surger on Locke

Rehabilitation Center of the Pacific

Thanks to Ryan at Lostlocations.com

Jack swims back to main island West end of Papailoa Beach
Locke figures out Sawyer took his boat West end of Papailoa Beach
Sun and Jin reunited Turtle Bay Beach just East of Kawela Bay Banyan Tree

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