Episode 4x08
"Meet Kevin Johnson"

Original air date: March 20, 2008

Flashback: Michael Dawson

Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff and Brian K. Vaughan

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Guest starring: Cynthia Watros as Libby, M.C. Gainey as Tom, Anthony Azizi as Omar, Blake Bashoff as Karl, Grant Bowler as Captain Gault, Starletta DuPois as Michael's mother, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Tania Raymonde as Alex, Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski, Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit, Galyn Gorg as Nurse, James Locke as Jeff/Mechanic, William P. Ogilvie as Gus/Pawnbroker, Francesco Simone as Arturo, and Jill Kuramoto as Female anchor

LOST Filming Location
Dharmaville Hawaii Film Studio
Frieghter Waters offshore of Barbers Pt. Harbor
Freighter cabin interior Hawaii Film Studio
Freighter exterior Suppy ship Kahana
Dharmaville YMCA Camp Erdman (cabins)
Freighter interior (engine room) Hawaii Film Studio
Michael's apartment interior Hawaii Film Studio
Michael's parking for Dodge Aspen, and first New York street during driving Bishop Bank Building, along Merchant St.
New York streets Bethel St. by
Mark's Garage
New York area harbors Pier 23
(Near Kukahi St.)

Google maps
New York area harbors, crash site Pier 22
(Near Kukahi St.)

Google maps
New York Hospital Unknown
Michael's mother's residence Unknown
Pawn shop Deal Pawn
(1380 Liliha St.)
Thanks to Chadwick O. for spotting this location!
New York streets Mark's Garage
New York alley Alley by HPU
Tom's New York hotel Unknown: possibly
Hawaii Film Studio
Suva, Fiji Harbor and freighter exterior Kewalo Basin Harbor with supply ship Kahana
Television broadcast Hawaii Film Studio
(Jill Kuramoto)
Freighter interior (Communications room) Hawaii Film Studio
The Island - Barracks (interior - Ben's secret room) Hawaii Film Studio
Freighter interior (Captain's quarters) Hawaii Film Studio
The island - palm grove Dillingham Ranch Palm Grove

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