Episode 3x12
"Par Avion"

Original air date: March 14, 2007

Flashback: Claire Littleton

Written by: Christina M. Kim and Jordan Rosenberg

Directed by: Paul Edwards

Guest starring: John Terry as Christian Shephard, M.C. Gainey as Mr. Friendly/Tom, Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Lindsey, Julian Barnes as Dr. Woodruff, Rhett Giles as Officer Barnes, Danan Pere as ER doctor, Anne Elizabeth Logan as head nurse and John Medlen as man at crash site.

LOST Filming Location
Car Accident Waialae Chevron Station
Survivors Camp Papa'iloa Beach
Sydney Hospital (various) Kahuku Hospital
Losties refill on water Waiahole Beach Park
Losties continue search for Jack Unknown
The Island
Papa'iloa Beach
The Island
(Security pylons)
Kualoa Ranch (Hakipu'u)
The Island
(Bird trap)
Papa'iloa Beach
Tattoo parlor Odyssey Tattoo Gallery
Claire meets Christian Kahala Mall
Desmond interferes with Bird trap Cockroach Cove
The Island:
YMCA Camp Erdman (cabins)

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